nurture Nature

We are all Land Stewards

Mother Earth is Our Teacher

Even insects provide invaluable service to our ecosystem.  Aside from nutrient transfer, plant pollination and reproduction, they are also an important food source to other wildlife. Mno Aki values life that provides life.



Our conservation efforts are founded in the belief that humans are part of the land, not separate from it. This unbreakable and sacred connection to land requires that humans have respect for the environment and strive to maintain balance in coexisting with the land and other species that inhabit it.

Land Based

Learning on and with the land fosters values of respect, reciprocity, humility and responsibility that help learners better understand themselves, their interconnection with living systems and their place in the world. These skills help to cultivate whole humans with strength and resiliency of mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Relationships with the land are inherently local. We provide the tools, resources and support systems to local groups to steward lands, ecosystems and waterways based on local teachings, knowledge systems and relationships with the land.


Land and water are inextricable from Indigenous cultures; they cannot be separated from Indigenous ways of life, identities, values, spiritual practices, or knowledge systems. We build sacred spaces to support ceremony, language and ways of understanding.

We Value A Local Culture

Local Culture

We help local Indigenous communities and members access land and steward based on their local values, culture and priorities.

Community Values

We believe in kindness, caring and generosity of spirit. We believe everyone has a role to play and something to contribute to the betterment of the whole.

Shelter for Elders

Our Grandmothers support avenues for eco-based housing and ways to care for our Elders.

Inclusive Benefits

When everyone works together, everyone is a valued member of the community. We believe in meaningful collaboration between all peoples.

Taking care of Mother Earth is an inherent responsibility that all Indigenous people share. When the land is healthy and cared for it is less likely to be weakened by weather or forest eating insects.

We Build Sacred Spaces For Sustainable Ways of Life

Mno Aki was created with Indigenous innovation and philosophy. We build relationships with the environment that sustains us.