nurture Nature

We are all Land Stewards

Redifining Conservation in an Indigenous Way

Over time, animals, fish, birds, insects, and even people explore and experience earth. In building relationships with the natural elements of life, many cultures flourished and the climate provided the earth with an abundance of life.

Land Based Learning

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Medicine Wheel Teachings

Our guiding principles are derived from four main traits that all people share.


Solving problems while managing the natural environment stimulates the mental capacity.


A process that values contribution and collaboration, where everyone plays a role.


When we can reconnect with the land our past traumas have somewhere to go.


To maintain a healthy relationship with the environment, we acknowledge the spirit of all things.


It is the colour where all new things begin


This is the direction of love and community


Black is the original colour of creation


White represents the direction of wisdom

The Climate Won't Change Until We Change Our Way of Life

When we take our time we are less likely to make mistakes. When we rush we make more mistakes. Society needs to slow down and listen to what earth is teaching us.