A Conservation Land Trust Charity

We are governed by a council of Indigenous Grandmothers who share wisdom of the past and present. With a strong base of land knowledge, and in the spirit of love and kindness, Mno Aki is dedicated to securing a healthy future for all life on Turtle Island.

About Us​

Aanii Boozhoo, Hello, We are Indigenous grandmothers who are vested with the responsibility of being caretakers of our Mama Aki whom we call Beautiful Good Earth, Mno Aki and we include all lands and waters in our vast territories. As part of our mission, we are offering an avenue for reparation and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and Canada. We are mandated to assist landless Indigenous people reconnect with the land through ceremonies, seed planting and other cultural activities. Our corporate responsibilities include an efficient process for land transfers and tax deductions. Become a part of the important work we are doing and engage with us today. Ahow, miigwech.

Our Mission

Our mission is to converse lands and provide access to them to Indigenous people in closest proximity to conduct back to the land learning with activities that promote well being on the four main medicine wheel teachings of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. We wish to provide both space and time for Grandmothers in the community to convene and provide direction and cultural teachings to the participants.

Grandmothers Governance

Our governance model follows an Indigenous tradition for sustainability. Over centuries of learning, Indigenous people found successful ways in which to develop healthy relationships with their land. This tried and tested model of governance was historically led by the guidance of grandmothers; was and still is integral to the development of hundreds of Indigenous cultures.

Mno Aki

Mno Aki is committed to meaningful collaboration (Indigenous and non). Existing partnerships include: Global Indigenous Development Trust, Conservation through Reconciliation and Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust to establish strong governance and oversight mechanisms and processes. For the past three years we have engaged Indigenous communities across Canada to develop a robust purpose for Mno Aki.

Moreover, we are committed to truth and reconciliation between Canada and the Indigenous Peoples. Our commitment to positive relationships is only matched by our love of the land.



Becky BigCanoe

Taking care of Mother Earth is an inherent responsibility that all Indigenous people share. When the land is healthy and cared for it is less likely to be weakened by weather or forest eating insects.

Partners &



Global Indigenous Development Trust

GIDT is a Canadian Indigenous non-profit and registered charity that empowers natural leaders, communities and economies, to create new and healthy realities for all. GIDT has worked with 77 communities, on more than a dozen projects and empowered more than 500 leaders.


Oak Ridges Marine Land Trust

ORMLT is a registered charity that works with citizens to protect and steward ecologically sensitive land for everyone’s collective benefit. ORMLT has protected 67 properties totalling 5,269 acres of precious habitat. 


Conservation Through Reconciliation

CTR is an Indigenous-led network that brings together a diverse range of partners to advance Indigenous-led conservation, including Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs), and to transform the conservation sector in Canada.