The Good Earth

An Indigenous Ecosystem For the Future


Mno Aki Land Trust Inc. (MALT) is a federally incorporated land trust and registered charity governed by Indigenous Grandmothers coming together for the wellbeing of our future generations to steward, cultivate relationship, teach, heal, and foster new ways of working with the land and each other.


An Indigenous Ecosystem for the Future

Mission Statement

Our mission is to converse lands and provide access to them to Indigenous people in closest proximity to conduct back to the land learning with activities that promote well being on the four main medicine wheel teachings of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. We wish to provide both space and time for Grandmothers in the community to convene and provide direction and cultural teachings to the participants.


Land Stewardship has been practiced by various Indigenous populations for thousands of years. It is a common belief among many Indigenous cultures, including the Anishinaabe and the Haudenosaunee that taking care of the land and the water is an inherent responsibility.


There are hundreds of reports and studies on the environment in Canada. Scientists, geologists, archaeologists and academics agree, Indigenous people's connection to the land results in a healthy and vibrant ecosystem from coast to coast.


In Indigenous cultures, grandmothers and grandfathers play important roles in the family and the community. Through centuries of living in all climates and conditions, Indigenous people learned how to nurture the sacred knowledge of the wisest members of their community.


It is no secret that Indigenous people continue to be displaced of their lands. It is also no secret that Indigenous people have a special relationship with land. Imagine an opportunity to divest land to an environmentally responsible group of Indigenous people. Imagine true reconciliation.


In every culture, systems, routines and to a degree, laws are created to sustain an ecosystem for healthy lifestyles. The laws and routines practiced by Indigenous people is guided by the principle that the land is in charge of the future, and not the other way around.


Mno Aki Land Trust is a registered charity organization that assists landowners in protecting and conserving land, open spaces, wildlife habitat and natural resources. Through a culturally appropriate concept, landowners can use their donations for their annual tax deductions.

grandmothers for the good of the earth

Mno-Aki is guided by a group of Indigenous grandmothers. Our grandmothers are intuitive about land and culturally grounded by Indigenous principles. According to traditional teachings, Indigenous Grandmothers were knowledge keepers and seed carriers. Grandmothers continue to monitor the health of the water regularly. Indigenous grandmothers represent a tremendous repository of life experience and cultural knowledge…